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Ivy Hawthorne Therapeutic Bodywork
and Tantra Yoga — $80/hr

  • 5 Stars.

West Sonoma County,


Massage and Body Work

I love connecting with people. I especially love deeply connecting, nurturing, and helping you to heal on all levels. From a tired, sore body full of aches and pains; to a weary heart full of arrows and old, sad stories that have caused your spirit to close. I want to be there for you, bear witness to your darkened places, and warm them with love and care.

I offer my heart and all the skills that I have mastered over the years. Experiencing a Healing Session with me, what you will receive combines dozens of Bodywork styles and Spiritual and Emotional Healing traditions tailored to exactly what you need in that moment. To uplift you and maximize your healing is my deepest desire. You are that important to me.

My extensive Training, Study, and Experience of Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Massage Rehabilitation, Shiatsu, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy, and Shamanic Healing give me insight, skill level, and a Mastery few can rival.

When you come to me and receive my work, prepare for changes. Deep, lasting changes. My work is powerful. When stuff comes up, we will handle it together. I stand in the gap with you unflinchingly and support you all the way through. I do this with Love, Integrity, and Compassion.


We are all connected. In this vast Universe, lies a deep and abiding force that moves, changes, and creates living energy. Also, another existence that stays still, quiet, undisturbed. Within each and every one of us, these two energies merge; giving us a multi- dimensional path of experience both internally and in the world outside.

Tantra Yoga is an Ancient Path. One translation is ‘the Union of the Disciplines’. It was understood that to live fully, one must embrace learning how to master the energies that are inside us. Meaning that the Body, Mind, and Spirit could be trained to work together creating health, personal enhancement, deeper insight into oneself, and greater awareness of others.

These ‘Disciplines’ focus heavily on Personal Practice of Breathwork, Yoga, and Meditation as well as Massage, Chi Gong, and Connecting with others. It is believed that through these practices, one can ‘Awaken’ and heal Past, Present, and Future by paving the way to greater consciousness.

With consistent Practice, Tantra Yoga can bring about Clarity, peace of Mind, Composure, Patience, Acceptance, Creativity, Health, and Compassion. It gives a feeling of spaciousness inside and puts a space between what is happening and our chosen response.

Tantra Yoga invites us to feel our bodies and delight in our senses. It challenges us to risk vulnerability, and in doing so, brings us into close communion with the world around us. The wind on our skin, the warmth of the sun, the look in another’s eyes; all take on new depth and meaning. The life force or Kundalini is something that we all share, and we each possess a unique creativity or Shakti that gives us our own special expression as it weaves its way through our Chakras or energy centers of the body. Another translation for Tantra is ‘weaving’.

Sometimes our world brings us challenges and experiences that are painful and cause us to close. Often, it seems that it is the only way to get through. These experiences can get stuck in the Body, Mind, and Spirit causing disconnection and unhappiness. Through Tantra Yoga we can open these roadblocks within ourselves and return to Joy. It is a way of rewiring our brain and nervous system to expand; encompassing the pain and transforming patterns that no longer serve. That is where the ‘weaving’ happens. We get to decide what we want our world to look like.

Through deepening our own Intimate Awareness, we can come to that place of Stillness and Availability and extend that to the people in our life. The gifts begin to multiply, and the quality of our lives, our intimacy, and our relationships improve. Delight finds its way into the places where stress used to be.


Individual Sessions

I welcome you to a new way of moving through the world. During an Individual Session you will be invited to begin from where you are in your Spiritual Journey. We will incorporate Tantric Pranayama Breathwork, Movement of Energy through Chi Gong Practices, Education of Energy Flows and Interpersonal Dynamics, Massage and Bodywork to open Physical Blocks, and Deepen Presence. You will also learn Tantric Principles allowing greater understanding and Skill in Self Awareness.

Couples Sessions

Joining together in Tantric Communion is a powerful, life affirming experience. In Couples Sessions, you and your Beloved will learn Techniques for enhancing and deepening your Loving Connection. You will learn about your own Energies and how to align them with each other. You will learn how to Create Sacred Space for Intimacy, learn how Breath is essential, and learn Loving Touch Skills to nurture and support the Awakening and Unfolding of yourself and your Beloved.

To simply sit with an open heart, in total Presence is an act of Courage. In this way we support each other in revealing the Soul within; and by doing so create an opportunity to witness the miraculous.

I warmly welcome people of all genders and orientation. The Universal Energy is all One. I am delighted to meet you, be there; supporting and encouraging as you gain skills and step into your Powerful Loving Self. It is my honour, passion, and privilege to be your Guide.


Contact me today to begin.

[email protected]yhawthorne.com



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