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    Spring Events and new classes!

    Grendel Gravenstein’s School for Witches and Wizards (the oldest school of magic in the US)

    is pleased to announce this one night special event - sure to anger those substainable folks:

    “The Pharmacy Battles” an urban - or is it urbane - tale of corporate terror.
    Monday April 1st. As retold by eventually famous German futurologist and time traveler Dort GetanDem , this evening of horror outlines the famous war that took place in Sebastopol in the early 21st century. Oh wait, when are we? Anyway, this evening will be full of legendary hearings, rigged traffic reports, wizards, Elves, mean redheaded hobbits, and windows THAT HAVE NOT BEEN WASHED SINCE THEY VACATED. Oh and probably more stuff too, like how that spot would make a really cool raptor exhibit - free to the public on weekdays even. Or a go cart track. I don't know, I am only the typist here in the staff office and I better just focus here instead of daydreaming really cool ideas for that eyesore. Oh boy – this class is gonna make a few people really mad – but Dort does not care – remember – he is from the future and knows what happens to all in the end!

    Plus these two very special spring evening events:

    "From the Vault"
    Wednesday March 20th. Come spend the spring equinox in the vaults of Grendel Gravenstein’s. We will be regaled with several stories on such famous treasures as the Chardonnay Diamond, La Nariz de Guksu, and the Gravenstien Ruby. Take a peek at Perseus Passerine's famous Emerald Tiara (the one his father would never let him wear in public) See the 魔法の征夷大将軍の幸せな保護 およびヘルメット ( translated sort of as : magic shogun happy protection shield and helmet). And Mitzie Malotov will share her memories and the stories around Indra Beautaie and her famous nightclub called Tulsita Heaven that was located near stony point and 116. Sparkling and gilded refreshments provided by Head Chef Rosie Olestra. Sign up soon as space is limited and this evening will fill up fast.

    "Legends and Lore of the Laguna de Santa Rosa"
    At The Sebastopol Cultural Community Center this April. Find out about Nile Crocodiles, Little Foot, Lassie, and many other fascinating but probably-maybe-sort-of-true legends in this exciting evening event. Refreshments will be provided by head chef Rosie Olestra. Watch for upcoming date as we forgot to book it so we might just have to sneak in when John and Roger at the SCCC are not looking.

    And just in time for your Valentine...

    LV200 Aphrodisiacs!
    Tuesday February 5th. Head Chef Rosie Olestra guides you step by step on making some of the world most romantic fare! Create grilled Gator Hearts, Stuffed Turkey Vultures with rose petal sauce and more! Feasting to follow class!

    LV101 Love Potions
    Friday February 8th One day workshop on Friday February 1st. Make love potions that will bind and enslave. A brief discussioon on ethics and prenuptual agreements will follow. Join Madame L'awanna L'Amoure

    LV105 Valentines that Kill
    We apologize but this class, for obvious reasons, has been cancelled

    Visit us at
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