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    PD: Sonoma County high school students organize to demand action on climate change

    Listen to the kids!

    Sonoma County high school students organize to demand action on climate change

    THE PRESS DEMOCRAT March 15, 2019, 12:05PM

    See article on the PD
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    The chants began jumbled, with leaders of a throng of teenage activists timidly summoning their collective voices while stopped at a crosswalk in Santa Rosa, waiting to march forward in a renewed fight to protect the Earth from potential catastrophic effects of extreme weather.

    When the light flashed allowing them to proceed, their vigor grew with each step until the group carrying cardboard signs coalesced around a streamlined psalm and hit their stride.

    “Hey-hey, ho-ho, climate change has got to go!”

    High school students from across Sonoma County on Friday skipped classes and converged in Petaluma, Sebastopol and downtown Santa Rosa, where about 150 North Bay students and supporters held an afternoon rally in Old Courthouse Square before their march to City Hall.

    They joined youth-led climate strikes held in cities across more than 100 countries, coordinated to pressure political leaders to take strong action against climate change, which experts say is increasing the frequency and severity of floods, droughts, hurricanes and wildfires. The youth movement was inspired by 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg, who began demonstrating outside the Swedish parliament last year, and was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. During a speech at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in December, Thunberg told a group of world leaders they were not doing enough to stop climate change.

    The local rallies also follow back-to-back years of Northern California wildfires that were the deadliest and most costly in the state’s history, a situation experts say is exacerbated by heat-trapping gases that continue to pour into the Earth’s atmosphere. Last year, California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment found wildfires larger than 25,000 acres could become 50 percent more frequent if greenhouse gas emissions are not curtailed.

    “We need to act fast and have huge action to ensure a future for generations to come,” said organizer Eleanor Jaffe, 17, an organizer of the Sebastopol rally. “I think Sebastopol has long been a hub for environmental change and people in our community are excited and engaged about what’s happening environmentally.”

    About 120 students, most from west county schools, cheered and waived handmade signs in the town’s Central Park as organizers took turns sharing messages about the importance of the day’s protests.

    Among the attendees was Jonah Dijoux, a 14-year-old Analy High student who left campus early on Friday to attend the demonstration with his mom. He worried about the prevalence of climate change deniers despite an abundance of scientific studies showing the phenomenon is happening, he said.

    He carried a sign reading: Climate change is real and it’s happening now.

    “The more people with a sign, the bigger the impact this movement will have,” Dijoux said.

    Students from as far as Lake and Marin counties, and others who attend high schools in Petaluma, Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa, gathered in Santa Rosa’s city square to spread the word about climate change detriments. Over a set of loud speakers, they strummed Janis Joplin and Joni Mitchell tunes, read original poems and recited spirited words encouraging attendees not to give up the fight and register to vote.

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