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Walker Creek Music Camp



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January 30, 2018
I grew up going to Walker Creek Music Camp. It was always a magical place for me from the time I was a kid, who at the time hardly played any music, to the present as an accomplished musician. As a kid I had the most fun doing things like exploring the surrounding hills on the property and going to the lake to swim.

The food has always been one of my favorite parts of camp. 3 meals a day, all you can eat of excellent high quality food, some of which is grown right on the property.

These days I most look forward to the late nights jamming and dancing with fellow campers. Even the instructors, who are some of the best in the country, join the jams. Most of all, I have become a much better musician from the many years I have spent at camp.

I highly recommend going to this camp if you play any string instruments or want to learn about american traditional music. There are classes for all levels. If you do go you will probably be overwhelmed by all there is to learn and do.

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