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Ivy Hawthorne Therapeutic Bodywork
and Tantra Yoga



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November 30, 2017
In the North Bay and Marin we are so blessed to have an abundance of superb massage therapists to choose from. Each reaches us to soothe our aches, pains and most of all offering the gift of touch. I recently had sinus surgery and knew that I would need more than the cold hands of modern medicine could offer to heal.

Before surgery, I scheduled an appointment with Ivy Hawthorne with whom I had a wonderful massage with earlier in the year. I initially thought I would just need a nice loving massage after such an invasive procedure. I was correct in that assumption, but what I got was so much more than I expected.

I had no idea the extent of Ivy's training and how much more I would receive in my massage. I had scheduled 3 hours, a first for me, and wow. Because Ivy followed my Facebook post on what I was going through, she was ready and prepared. Over half of the session concentrated on everything related to my sinuses, including massaging the inside of my mouth. Head, shoulders and even inside my ears as well. Amazing. After all that I got the luscious dessert. A full body massage that had me drifting off into bliss.

On top of recently becoming a full fledged Shaolin Priestess, Ivy has devoted her life to the healing practices of massage for over 30 years. She is extremely knowledgeable, loving, strong, gentle and most of all, holds a safe sacred space to let go in. She is a gift to me.

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