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Energy Medicine and Shamanism

  • 5 Stars.

Sebastopol, 95472

707 217 7732

Michaela McGivern has been involved with Energy Medicine and Shamanism for more than 15 year in her quest for finding a way to clear the core and bring more joy and lightness of being into every soul she touches. Over her 22 years as a rehabilitation therapist she developed compassion, deep presence and keen insight into the root of many challenges that clients experience on physical, emotional and spiritual realms.

Her guidance and vision help clients clear and resolve pain, anxiety, depression and obstacles that may be related to emotional, physical or sexual trauma, dark energies, or soul loss.

As an alchemical healer she takes great joy in accompanying clients on their journey of reclaiming their truth, embodying their brilliant self and living the life they deeply desire.

Michaela works with a blend of healing modalities. Using her deep intuitive wisdom and information from you and your body, Michaela's healing work will incorporate any or all of the following healing methods.

Quantum Energetics Healing 
Quantum Energetics is a subtle, gentle healing method that works with the energy body.  Read more here.

Theta Medical Healing 
This technique works with changing core beliefs, contracts and energetic blocks that affect our physiology and overall health. Read more here.

Nutri-Energetics works at a deep, holistic level, correlating the state of your body-field (assessed by scanning your hand for a few seconds with a palm-sized scanner) with your body’s own innate self-healing intelligence.  Read more about Nutri-Energetics.

Intuitive Readings 
Intuitive Healing and readings offer access into all planes of being and awareness, including the body/mind/soul connection.  Read more here.


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